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The Tradesman Home

A political group that supports tradesman and women,
government for the equal opportunities and the right to work,
to earn a fair wage,
and victims of poverty and bad government in wealthy and developing nations.


Ukrainska Pravda! - Ukraine War News

North Korea Executed 30 Teenagers for
Watching South Korean Dramas: Reports

By Hannah Abraham (July 12, 2024) Business Insider

Philippines to 'Stand Our Ground' in
South China Sea Dispute

By Cecil MORELLA (July 11, 2024) AFP

From $7 Graffiti to Arson and a Bomb Plot:
How Russia's Shadow War on NATO Members Has Evolved

By Nick Paton Walsh, Sarah Dean and Karolina Jeznach
(July 10, 2024) CNN

Police Say They Have Taken Largest Public Hospital
in Haiti Back from Gang Control

By Jacqueline Charles (July 8, 2024) Miami Herald

Dozens Rally In Pakistan After a Christian Man
Is Sentenced To Death for Blasphemy

By No Author (July 2, 2024) Associated Press

Is China Building a New Spy Base in Cuba?
Here’s What a New Report Found

By Nora Gámez Torres (July 2, 2024) Miami Herald

Border Arrests Fall More Than 40% After Biden's
Halt To Asylum Processing, Homeland Security Says

By Elliot Spagat and Rebecca Santana (June 26, 2024) AP

Iran's Supreme Leader Warns Sole Reformist in
Presidential Race, While Calling for 'Maximum' Turnout

By Jon Gambrell (June 25, 2024) Associated Press

Village on Ukraine's Doorstep Set to Become NATO's
Biggest European Air Base as Putin Vows to Go
'Until the End' in the War

By Cameron Manley (June 24, 2024) Insider

Kenyan Police Advance Team Arrives in Haiti.
First Security Force Could Be Right Behind

By Jacqueline Charles (June 24, 2024) Miami Herald

Israel Won't End War in Gaza Until
'Iran's Intentions to Destroy Us' Are Thwarted

By John Bacon (June 24, 2024) USA Today

China Is Greenlighting Possible Death Penalties for
Diehard Supporters of Taiwan Gaining Independence

By Matthew Loh (June 24, 2024) Business Insider

South Africa's New Government Brings Black and White Together.
It's Also Reviving Racial Tensions

By Gerald Imray (June 22, 2024) Associated Press

Once Ousted as Haiti's Police Chief for Failing
to Control Gangs, He's Now Back in Top Job

By Jacqueline Charles (June 20, 2024) Miami Herald

In Gaza, $25 Cigarettes Are Turning Aid Trucks into Targets
By Stephen Kalin, Dov Lieber (June 19, 2024) Wall Street Journal

Kim Jong Un and Putin Sign Mutual
Defense Pact at North Korea Summit

By Courtney Kube, Carol E. Lee, Jennifer Jett,
Stella Kim and Mithil Aggarwal
(June 19, 2024) NBC News

Map Shows Where All the Worlds Nuclear Weapons Are
By Gergana Krasteva (June 18, 2024) Metro

Reclusive Taliban Leader Warns Afghans Against
Earning Money or Gaining Worldly Honor

By No Author (June 17, 2024) LA Times

In Sweeping Change, Biden Administration
to Ban Medical Debt from Credit Reports

By Cheyenne Haslett and Elizabeth Schulze
(June 11, 2024) GMA

Al Jazeera Journalist Hid Israeli Hostages
for Hamas, Claims IDF

By Melanie Swan (June 9, 2024) The Telegraph

Israel Rescues Four Hostages Held By Hamas in Gaza
By Barak Ravid (June 8, 2024) Axios

Mexico's President Vows to Press Ahead
with Changes to Constitution Despite Market Nervousness

By Mark Stevenson (June 7, 2024) AP

U.S. Confronts Failures as Terrorism Spreads in West Africa
By Eric Schmitt and Ruth Maclean (June 7, 2024) New York Times

The Secret to Claudia Sheinbaums Success:
She Is Not Like AMLO At All

By Francisco Goldman (June 6, 2024) the New Republic

Mexican Mayor Killed Hours After
First Woman Elected President

By Vanessa Buschschluter (June 4, 2024) BBC

TSMC Says It Has Discussed Moving Fabs
Out of Taiwan, But Such a Move Impossible

By No Author (June 4, 2024) Reuters

Mexico Elects Claudia Sheinbaum as its First Woman President
By Maria Verza and Mark Stevenson (June 3, 2024) AP

Trump Verdict Live Updates:
Trump Found Guilty of 34 counts of Falsifying Business Records,
Becoming the First U.S. President to Be Convicted of Criminal Charges

By Yahoo Staff (May 30, 2024) Yahoo

Bodies of Three More Hostages Are Recovered
From Gaza By the Israeli Army

By Sam Mednick (May 24, 2024) Time

Live Nation Suffocates Its Competition
US Says in Monopoly Lawsuit

By Sarah N. Lynch (May 23, 2024) Reuters


image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

(advocate for this cause)
Motorists - Tired Of Huffing Gas At The Pump?
Gasoline and convenience stores have been using fake boots.
A fake boot is a flat round piece of rubber that's------
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(advocate for this cause)
The Israel/Palestine/Nazareth Conflict
Christians are just tolerated not equal.
Christians are ......
read the rest of article

(advocate for this cause)
The Mexican Immigration Crisis
The Mexican immigration has helped America, especially in its race war.
It's not just black or white anymore. They have replaced -------
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Mexico is Completely Responsible for the Border Crisis.
Without their participation we can't stop migrants from entering the US. We can only stop them
once they cross the border or that line and as soon as they do they qualify for
political asylum. We can't stop them on their side. Thats Mexico's responsibility.
They must control their side of the border especially if they're not Mexican citizens but foreigners trying to cross.
It's a national security breach and if Mexico won't patrol their own border, we must sanction Mexico or
raise tariffs to pay for more border guards not fences. Fences stop wildlife from crossing borders and cattle
being able to graze on both sides of the border. Our generation are tearing down walls not building them.
The Berlin wall, Israel Gaza wall, North and South Korea wall. Mexico has no intention of securing our border.
Their out of excuses. The only other thing we can do is cross the border into Mexico
illegally and make a one-mile buffer zone. The world knows that Mexico is refusing to patrol their own border and
foreigners all over the world are flooding the border to cross into the US. Some of these immigrants are
risking their lives to get to America. The term "boat people" used to bring a laugh for comedians,
now it's a derogatory term. Being on an overloaded homemade boat and not knowing how to swim. Thats horrific.
Thats pretty desperate for a meaningful job and a new life or way out of poverty.
Their fleeing a different kind of poverty, the kind even some low-income families don't understand
or take things for granted. Migrants who have traveled or walked a thousand miles to get to the border,
lose all their belongings halfway when they realize they can't carry anything anymore while crossing jungles and rivers.
Many arrive at the border traumatized, possessionless with little documentation and in need of shoes and clothing.
When a citizen is trapped in poverty and there's no way out, that's when your government must stand in, and their government has
failed them that's why they are coming here. America has learned if you help the people at the bottom they turn
around and help people at the top. These immigrants can't even get food stamps until they are processed.
Just identifying them and getting the documents they need to get American ID; s is a lot of work. If they apply for
green cards for them, it makes it even more difficult if they are homeless or have to move a lot and can't get mail.
They're in a strange country, don't speak English and have no idea where they are or being able to distinguish
between a hundred or a one-dollar bill. Sometimes it's better if they stay in the system until they
have all their legal documents and ID; s and get familiar with their new country and language. America
needs migrant workers to keep our economy growing strong. Their migration to the US is fueling the real estate
market. If a million immigrants come to America, they need a place to live. They will have to build 200,000 to 300, 000
homes and apartments. Thats a lot of jobs and housing starts. Also take note that Latin Americans are predominately Christian
and if we needed foreign workers Mexicans would be a good match.
And what do American employment agencies have against opening offices in
Latin America or have job fairs at Mexican convention centers? Certainly, it can help
alleviate some traffic at the border.
(Read More)

Please Eliminate the Taxable Earnings Cap on Social Security ($168,600)
America has protected the wealthy long enough. Why wouldn't you want millionaires and billionaires to pay
social security tax. They're exactly the ones that should be paying Social Security taxes. We must completely eliminate
the taxable earnings base which is now capped at $168,600. We have been protecting these billionaires
long enough. Social Security is more than just getting a monthly retirement check. Many who live above the
$168,600 threshold have adults and children with a disability.in their household and are better off treated in the
public service system. It pays for doctors, clinics, therapists, hospitals, case managers and nurses.
Don't forget about transportation and housing which all can add up to tens of thousands per year no matter how much
they make. They should be made to pay half the social security tax cost if they earn over $168,600 with no cap.
The cash retirement benefits can be capped at $168,600 based income instead. Vote to make anyone earning over $168,600
to have to pay half of the social security tax no matter how much they make with no way to write it off or
get out of paying the full amount. We have been protecting the wealthy long enough. Don't worry about their finances.
Worry about yours.- SSI and Social security is so much more than getting a monthly check.
(All About the FICA Tax Click Here)

High Crime in the City
There are so many convicted felons in Chicago or high crime cities that you
can't put them all in jail. You must concentrate on crime prevention. Don't give the crime a chance to happen in
the first place. Have you ever seen a police car covered in cameras used by traffic cops that also reads license plates.
If their Neiborhood is high crime, then you park camera cars in their Neiborhood's and corners of streets
or traffic lights. The higher the crime the more cameras are needed. You want these cameras visible or easy to see.
If they fail to report crime, then they have to "lose their right to privacy" and must also except
facial imaging. These camera cars or street cameras will cut down on crime knowing they're on camera.
If crime goes down, you can remove the cameras and they get their privacy back. Being on camera might make
the elderly feel safer.

Kick Butts - Cigarette Butts
Cigarette butts are the most littered product in the world. Their made of thousands of strands of plastic called,
cellulose acetate not fiberglass or cotton. Containing over 100 chemicals including lead and arsenic,
1 cigarette butt can pollute 250 gallons of water. Firemen hate cigarette butts. Trillions of cigarette butts end up
littering the earth every year. They are found in the stomachs of land and sea animals. There was a local drive
to get all store owners in the city to have ashtrays outside and it worked for a few months then they all disappeared.
Some smokers don't think butts are litter. The problem? They do not sell portable or pocket ashtrays
in the tobacco section of all stores leaving a smoker with no choice but to throw them down everywhere they go.
It should be mandatory that all stores that sell tobacco, sell portable or pocket ashtrays in plain view
in the tobacco section. Once someone starts using one and when they don't have their portable ashtray with them,
they start to get conscious of throwing down cigarette's butts. These portable or pocket ashtrays are
available in different sizes and shapes. It should be mandatory that all smokers carry one if they smoke
and if they are stopped by law enforcement with a cigarette in their hand, they can fine them
for not having a extinguisher device or portable ashtray but only if their stopped for another reason.
(Click this link to see samples of pocket ashtrays.)
(This is not an ad for amazon)

Cigarette manufacturers can encourage smokers to carry pocket or portable ashtrays and
they can make it a campaign even if we have to force cigarette manufacturers to participate

Please Support Mandatory Insurance on All Assault Rifles
There should be a 6-month waiting list
to buy assault rifles to eliminate impulse buying. That will give time for
someone who needs anger management time to cool down. It will also give time for background checks.
Another factor is insurance. You might have to pay a yearly fee. for liability insurance because the gun
is so dangerous, and accidents might not be covered by your homeowner insurance. Basically, the assault rifle
should have to be licensed and insured. You can have an age minimum, but no one wants to go 21 years of age to purchase.
Why not compromise and make the limit 20 years of age to buy the assault rifle. That way the buyer
won't be a teenager anymore " eighteen and nineteen ". and would be out of school for 2 years plus it would
still take 6 months to purchase the gun so that brings it to being out of school for 2 and a half years before
they can legally obtain an assault rifle. 18 19 -year-olds might have to be exempt if they're in the military.
But if they are in the military, they obviously have gun safety training. Another factor in military type
assault weapons is the cartridges. There are cartridges from 7 shot up to a 100-shot magazine and that's
just for handguns. Some say it's not the gun but the cartridge that makes the gun dangerous. It would be hard to
regulate all these cartridges. You might be able to ban a 100-round cartridge in your state.
Most semi-automatics come with standard 7 to 15 shot magazines. There's a lot of people incarcerated
that wish they never bought a gun. If you have a bad attitude do yourself a favor and don't buy a gun.
There was over 40.000-gun deaths in the US in 2023. 55% of gun deaths were self-inflicted, 4% accidental and
41% homicides. No major athletes or stars have publicly spoken out about school shootings especially during the
world series, super bowl or academy awards when they have the attention of the most people and teens.
Schools need to teach students about mental health and let them know that they have guidance counselors available.
If they think they will hurt themselves or others, they must realize that if their thinking gets that distorted
it's time to go to the emergency room and seek emergency mental health treatment at their local hospital.
Please Contact Your State Legislators and Demand That All Assault Rifles Be Insured
Because Of Accidents and If Someone Gets Hurt by the Gun.
Please Support Mandatory Gun Insurance.
If They Stop Paying Insurance on the Gun It Can Be Confiscated.

Why You Must Support the Free Public-School Lunch Bill
for All Students if You Support the Recreational Pot Bill.

These 2 bills must go together. Please don't support bill for legal pot unless you support free lunches in
public schools for all students. It's a hassle coming up with lunch money for kids every day for parents.
They might take it out on the kids. Medical pot has ruined it for recreational legal pot. Because medical pot
is only allowed to sell mid-grade or low-grade pot. It cost almost twice the street price. Mid-grade sells for
$45-$50 a quarter ounce on the street. The same pot, medical, is now $90 to $100 a quarter and this is low grade.
That's why we wanted legal pot in the first place so we could get the high-grade pot that is grown in the United States.
$100 a quarter. Medical pot mostly sells cartridges for vapor pins that sell up to $100 a gram.
You can easily use a whole cartridge a day or more. This is one product that the government should want to keep
the price as low as possible for consumers. This money is going to go up in smoke. Now the unsold medical pot
is hitting the streets and flooding it with medical or low-grade pot. It's a rip off. The point is that
whether its medical or recreational pot is that it's expensive. You could spend a fortune for either one.
First you get off work on Friday night.
Buy a pack of cigarettes. Pick up a six pack of beer and buy lottery tickets. And now on top of that
you purchase this low grade but expensive pot which cost more than the first 3 combined. It will put kids in a
whole new level of poverty. That's why if you support a medical or recreational pot bill, you must support free lunches
in all public schools for all students, teachers and staff. If students get money now, they can spend what little they have
and buy personal hygiene products. The free lunch for all students in public school's bill must go with the
medical or recreational pot bill.

Please support our "Please Ask the Taliban What Do They Have Against _agina " Campaign.
Please help send this to Afghanistan newspapers and websites
"Taliban now means men who love other men"

We Need Self-Charging Cars Not Self-Driving. Where's The Alternator?
Alternators can supply electric cars with plenty of
power especially if you have them hooked to the rear dummy axle
that has no driveshaft or transmission hooked to it. We have the technology we just need to get citizens to
bring this up to major news networks and get the public sold on them. Self-charging cars would give us a freedom
we never had before. Go anywhere we want and travel more. Cars can be completely self-charging with
modern technology. I know how to make a rechargeable car, why can't they? Let's concentrate on self-charging cars
not self-driving cars. It can be done, and this is a wake-up call to people in the alternator business.
Alternators can decrease the number of batteries needed in electric cars or increase mileage. If we can spend
billions on self-driving technology, we can spend billions on the self-charging industry.

District of Columbia (D.C.) Is Our Capitol Not a State. (U.S.)
It is a very special place. You might even say it’s the capital of the world. You want to make it a state?
If DC is our capitol, then it makes it federal property and all government workers should get federal pay
including teachers. If a state, they will lose their federal pay status. Federal pay meaning there is
county wages, state wages and federal wages meaning they are paid more. All 50 states should financially
support their capitol and help pay for the increase in wages. You can slowly increase wages by the month
and receive full wages after one year. They should not get back pay. Please don’t harm our capitol.
50 States to Keep One Land Free - District of Columbia - Land of The Immigrants - DC has representation
Represent or Resign. We need new talent. Born in D.C.
Please Save Our Capitol

Forgiving Student Loan Debt
With the thought of student loan debt being forgiven, the first things that come to mind is that this
is a children's rights issue. This money belongs to every 1st grader to the 12th grade (1.6 trillion).
This money is for their college education. Instead of forgiving the debt, you can suspend interest rates
indefinitely for 3 years then slowly reinstate interest rates. Owning a debt is one thing. Watching your payment
go up instead of down. Thats where the stress starts of student loan debt. You can also offer early payoff deals
maybe knocking off 15% if they completely pay off the loan. Because of the pandemic, borrowers are late
on their payments. If we eliminate interest, you can also give a refund of up to 1 to 3 years' worth of
interest back. This money can be spent on their student loan back payments or if they get complete
amnesty from payments during the pandemic, they can use the money to pay off other debt's. Having a
no interest loan will encourage more citizens to go to a college or university. The thing about forgiving
student loan debt is this. You're at a job interview. The applicant has a degree in this certain field. Their discussing
their salary that they are offering. The first applicant told the interviewer they have no student loan debt.
It was payed for by a grant. In fact, half the applicants had no student loan debt. The second applicant
interviewed had $100,000 in student loan debt. The interviewer asks their selves, why should we give top pay to the
applicants with no student loan debt. They don't need to make as much as the applicant with $100,000 in
student debt. They know that the applicant has $100,000 in student debt and needs to make more to take the job.
All applicants with no debt. end up getting less pay and the degree they are in is worth less. The debt is
what makes their degree so valuable.

Get Kids Off the Donor Program by Putting Them On
We need mandatory organ donors from birth to 28 years old to get kids off the donor waiting list.
The only way to make the system fair is if its mandatory. Do people really care if they take their liver, heart or other?
Is it really that big a deal? Instead of checking the organ donor on your license, you should check it if you
want off. Kids don't have DMV donor cards. If you are 0 to 28 there is no waiting list that's the benefit,
If you are over 28 and don't sign the donor card, they will not be eligible to receive one. You should be
signed up to receive donor only if they are on the donor sign up for 3 years or more. Hospitals
don't want people to die in their hospital and quickly send them to hospice but if their a donor that's the worst thing
they can do. These would be donors now must die in a hospice at the actual hospital to get their organs so this
would change everything. People must donate to the hospital run hospice and make them so nice that patients
would prefer to die there than at home. The in-house hospice would be for donors only.
Get kids off the waiting lists for organs.
If they pass this Bill, they can call it the "Life Forward Bill" or the "Party on Bill."

How the Economy Went Bad After Hurricane Katrina Using The 15% Rule
O.K. Home prices were out of control before H.K. then comes H.K. the price of plywood skyrocketed.
In fact the price of a lumber package rose 15% so insurance companies paid 15% more to rebuild the homes.
Because of the rise of a lumber package (15%) homes are valued 15% more so people who bought homes after H.K.
paid 15% more. Because home values rose 15% after H.K. some borrowed 15% or maxed out their mortgage. One year
after hurricane Katrina the demand for plywood went back to normal and the price of a lumber package dropped 15%.
Those who bought a home during this one-year period now have a house that is worth 15% less. Those who refinanced
their home during this year and their house is now worth 15% less and now owe more than their house is worth.
When the bottom fell out of the price of a lumber package one year after H.K. the price of homes in the U.S.
dropped 15% and this caused a recession. The question is should we stockpile plywood for emergencies,
relook how we deal with disasters, or look into price gouging (lumber package) after big disasters.
Keep in mind lumber companies may have to pay overtime to workers during high demand. Florida was hardest hit
because a lot of condos were built for vacationers and have mobile home quality cabinets and furnishings and bring
low bids at auctions. These condos are not suitable for homeowners who had nice homes and want to retire in.

Please Support No Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Buddha, Hindu or All Black / White States
No Dividing the World by Religious Beliefs or Skin Color

Al-Qaida - Taliban - Hamas - Hezbollah - IS - Extremists - Boko Haram
"Just Ordinary Street Gangs" of Larcenists, Arsonists, Vandals and Sex offenders In Unpoliced States
They have visited wealthy countries and when they go back to impoverished countries, they quickly learn
how easy it is. taking advantage of citizens living in poverty
Using private citizens to fight wars have started a new trend. (Killer Vacations)
Just jump on a plane, join a war/side, go on a two-week shooting spree,
answer to no one then get back on a plane, get back to their country and go back to work
(Killer Vacations)

Five Million Or Five Trillion
International Death Warrant Issued - Five Million Dollars Bounty
(increased to 100 million - Vladimir Putin - For Crimes Against Humanity
Extortion - Genocide In Syria - Threatening Nuclear Annihilation For Financial Gain And Notoriety
The United Nations Have All Agreed To Pay For An Assassin (contact United Nations)
We are still paying for the Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan and its aftermath or
Muslim Extremism

International Death Warrant Yevgeny Prigozhin,
founder of the Wagner Private Military Company. For International Terrorism. - Warrant Delivered
(contact United Nations)

Communist President Xi Jinping Being Considered for A Death Warrant - 100 million bounty
For Banning Free Elections - Child Slavery - Human Rights Violations
Terrorizing Free Democracies for Financial Gain and Notoriety
Planning Mass Murder. (contact United Nations)

Its Official: Palestinian Gaza Now a Seaport in Israel

No Statehood for A City of Felons
The international community demands that Israel take responsibility for national
security and demand that the dangerous nonexistent government of the Palestinian seaport of Gaza be declared
a city in Israel. Enough is enough. No more child soldiers. This would be government is too dangerous
to exist and just can't be in this century. The international community also demands that the government
of Egypt receive a war chest of 8.5 billion plus 3.5 billion in economic aid from the U.S. and its allies if they accept
our decision that will happen anyways and that an additional 2.5 billion be put aside for settlements
with the Palestinian Egyptian refugees and 70 million be put aside for a legal team , consultants
and panel to decide who gets a settlement, how it is given and what form it will be distributed . If the citizen
is in controversy, then their settlement will go to schools or programs that benefit their neighborhoods.
Egypt should not have to accept Israel as a Jewish state, just plain "Israel". International communities must understand
that this conflict is not about faith or skin color it is about the Palestinians denying Jewish immigrants
and citizens the right to own property and wealth and young Palestinians have very little to do about this decision
their government made decades earlier - The government of Israel must open up social services and offer services to its
citizens in the seaport of Gaza. If the Palestinians refuse to recognize they live in Israel their property
might be confiscated and then be sold, but if they recognize they live in Israel and pay taxes to the Israel treasury
they must let non-controversial Palestinians live in or move back into what is now Israel and keep their property.
It must be recognized that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they are the only responsible government in the region.
The modern map of Israel says it all. Christians, Muslims and all other faiths must realize that they had
centuries to reunite in this Holy Land but it was abandoned for centuries and let our histories be destroyed.
The Israeli's stepped up to the podium and now they must protect our ancient history and if they fail then this
government must be toppled and if the Christians rise to the occasion, then all faiths must except this government.
The Israel government is doing a great job of preserving our ancient history and we cannot let it be
destroyed for the centuries unborn.
There is no going forward and there is no turning back.
No Statehood for a City of Felons
Its Official: The city of Palestine and the seaport of Gaza are now in Israel.

Favorite Quotes

" Ending Race Narcissism Is Key to Peace in the Middle East and the World " (Editor)

" A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Dream " (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

" It’s Better to Make the Poor Richer Than to Make the Rich Poorer. " Caroline Baum (MW)

"Climate Change Must Start At The Factory And Business Not Rain Forests" (Editor)

"Gynophobia is defined as an intense and irrational fear of women or hatred of women,
it may be characterized as a form of specific phobias, which involves a fear that is centered on a
specific trigger or situation, which in the case of gynophobia is women." (Sania Farooqui)

"Voyeurism charges mean the act of taking a picture or video _exual in nature
without knowledge or permission of the victim and is illegal in most states and countries" (Editor)

"You can tear me apart, rip me to pieces, try breaking me down, but I'll never be beaten"
(Unkown Fredericksburg teenager - anti abuse campaign)

"White or Black Privilege Is Working 12 hours a day, 7 Days
A Week and Neglecting Your Kids To Do So, and When Their Children Grow Up
Their Expected To Do The Same" (Editor)

Janes Defense News

Tech War Zone

United Nations News Center

Transparency International - Government Corruption


Defense One

US Citizenship And Immigration Services

United Nations Refugee Agency

United Nations

Inter Press Service - News Agency

Help Afghan Refugees


China Surrounds Taiwan With Military War Games: Maps
By John Feng (May 23, 2024) NewsWeek

Chinese Team Proposes Invisible Expansion
in Disputed South China Sea Using Tunnels

By Maroosha Muzaffar (May 22, 2024) The Independent

Putin, Xi Issue One-Sentence Warning on Nuclear War
By Andrew Stanton (May 16, 2024) Newsweek

Israel Moves Into North Gaza Hamas Stronghold,
Pounds Rafah Without Advancing

By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Emily Rose (May 16, 2024) Reuters

Ukrainian Authorities Seek US Approval
to Deploy American Arms Against Russia

By Ella Bennet (May 15 2024) UBJ

China Navy Secretly Built What Could Be
World's First Drone Aircraft Carrier: report

By (May 15, 2024 Business Insider

Putin's Forces Amass More Than Half a Million Troops
on Front Line as Ukraine Warns They Have Run out of Reserves

By James Saunders (May 15, 2024) GB News

Trump Trial Live Updates:
Michael Cohen Testifies in Hush Money Case,
Recounts Arranging Deal to Silence Stormy Daniels

By Numerous Authors (May 13, 2024) Yahoo News

Russia's Africa Push Sparks Alarm:
Great Chaos Brewing

By Isabel van Brugen (May 10, 2024) NewsWeek

Acclaimed Iranian Film Director Mohammad Rasoulof
Sentenced to 8 Years, Flogging

By Darryl Coote (May 9, 2024) UPI News

US Official Says Chinese Seizure of TSMC
in Taiwan Would Be 'Absolutely Devastating'

By David Shepardson (May 8, 2024) Reuters

U.S. Military Planes Begin Landing in Haiti as
Multinational Effort to Quell Violence Gathers Pace

By Demian Bio (May 7, 2024) Latin Times

Hamas Accepts Gaza Cease-Fire; Israel Says It Will
Continue Talks But Presses on With Rafah Attacks

By Sam Mednick, Josef Federman and Bassim Mroue
(May 6, 2024) AP

North Korea's Miniaturized Nuclear Warheads:
A Dangerous Leap in Ballistic Missile Capabilities

By Isaac Jones (May 6, 2024) Trendy Digest

U.S. Could Allow for American Troop Deployment
to Ukraine - Democratic House Leader Jeffries

By Alla Shcherbak (May 6, 2024) New Voice of Ukraine

Trump Confirms He Wanted To Go To Capitol on Jan. 6
By Brett Samuels (May 1, 2024) The Hill

Thousands of Former Wagner Fighters
Are Now Answering to Moscow

By Erin Banco (April 28, 2024) Politico

Two Russian Journalists Arrested on Extremism Charges
Accused of Working for Navalny Group

By Zarah Ullah, Katharina Krebs, Darya Tarasova and Christian Edwards
(April 28, 2024) CNN

Haiti Transitional Government Takes Power
As Gangs Hold Capital hostage

By No Author (April 25, 2024) Reuters

Iranian Rapper Toomaj Salehi Sentenced
to Death for Protesting

By Artemis Moshtaghian (April 25, 2024) CNN

Ukraine Weapons: What Arms Are Being Supplied
and Why Are There Shortages?

By No Author (April 24, 2024) BBC News

Why the U.S. Militarys Withdrawal from Niger
is a Devastating Blow

By Sarah Carter (April 22, 2024) CBS News

Haitians Scramble To Survive, Seeking Food, Water
and Safety As Gang Violence Chokes the Capital

By Danica Codo (April 21, 2024) AP

Biden Administration Secures Key Agreement for Aid Distribution
From US Military Pier Being Built off Gaza Coast

ByNatasha Bertrand, Jennifer Hansler, Kylie Atwood and Alex Marquardt
(April 20, 2024) CNN

Explosion Hits Iraqi Military Base
Housing Pro-Iranian Militia

By Sebastian Usher (April 20, 2024) BBC

Erdogan Meets Hamas Leader Amid Reports
Terror Group Wants To Relocate

By Alex Bolot (April 20, 2024) the Telegraph

Mexican Presidential Frontrunner Would
Focus on Renewable Energy, Water

By Anthony Esposito (April 19, 2024) Reuters

AMLO Expanded Mexicos Military. It Built
Airports Instead of Reining In Murders

By Andrea Navarro (April 19, 2024) Bloomberg

Antony Blinken Raises Alarm Over North Korea,
Iran and China's Military Aid to Russia

By Benzinga Neuro(April 10, 2024) Benzinga

ISIS Calls for Ramadan Massacre of Christians and Jews
By Lone Wolves Across US, Europe and Israel

By Joseph Wilkes & James Liddell (March 28, 2024) Mirror

Massive Changes Coming To Google Chrome
Threaten To Reshape the Modern Internet

By Hamza Shaban (March 24, 2024) Yahoo

A Turbojet and 13 Bombs:
Irans New Gaza Drone Can Threaten Israel

By MAARIV (March 23, 2024) Jerusalem Post

Justice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple
Over Its Infamous Walled Garden

By Mariella Moon and Lawrence Bonk (March 2024) Engadget

Biden to Announce 'Emergency' US Military Mission
to Build Pier off Gaza Coast to Deliver Aid

By Fritz Farrow (March 7, 2023) ABC News

Mexicos Most Dangerous City for Police Refuses
the Cartel 34 Officers Are Dead

By Mark Stevenson (March 7, 2024) the Independent

The Houthis Are Very, Very Pleased
By Robert F. Worth (March 5, 2024) Atlantic

Putin Allies Quietly Gathering Private Armies
By Isabel van Brugen (March 5, 2024) Newsweek

Haiti Declares a Curfew as it Tries to Restore Order
After Weekend Jailbreak, Explosion of Violence


Gunfire Paralyzes Haiti as Powerful Gang Leader
Says He Will Try to Detain Police Chief, Ministers

By Evens Sanon and Danica Coto (February 29, 2024) AP

Houthis Knock Out Underwater Cables
Linking Europe to Asia - Report

By Staff (February 27, 2024) Jerusalem Post

Exclusive-Satellite Images Reveal Floating Barrier
At Mouth of Disputed Atoll in South China Sea

By Greg Torode and Karen Lema (February 26, 2024) Reuters

First Responders in a Texas Town Are Struggling To Cope With
the Trauma of Recovering Bodies From the Rio Grande

By Morgan Chesky and Alicia Victoria Lozano
(February 26, 2024) NBC News

North Korean Workers Stage Massive Riot in
China Over Unpaid Wages

By No Author (February 22, 2024) Wikitree

Alexei Navalny Latest: UK First Country to Issue
Sanctions Over Brutal killing of Putin Critic in Prison

By Namita Singh,Andy Gregory and Tom Watling
(February 21, 2024) Independent

Christians Caught With a Bible in North Korea
Have Faced Death and Had Their families, Including Children,
Thrown in Prison for Life, a New Report Says

By Ryan Pickrell (May 26, 2023) Business Insider

Haiti Conflict Puts Over 100,000 Kids
at Risk of Starving to Death, UN Says

By Harold Isaac and Sarah Morland (May 11, 2023) Reuters

Wagner Chief Said His Troops Are No Longer Withdrawing
From Bakhmut After Being Promised As Many Artillery Shells As They Need

By Alia Shoaib (May 7, 2023) Business Insider

Mothers Rent Out Babies for Begging and Poison
Their Children To Survive Drought in Somalia

By Fathi Mohamed Ahmed (May 4, 2023) The Telegraph

Its Hell - Vigilantes Take to Haitis Streets
in Bloody Reprisals Against Gangs

By Tom Phillips and Harold Isaac (April 30, 2023) the Guardian

China and India are Buying So Much Russian Oil That Moscow's
Now Selling More Crude Than It Was Before Invading Ukraine

By Phil Rosen (April 14, 2023) Business Insider

The Mexican Government Continues Nationalizing
Key Industries Despite US objections

By Diego Lasarte (April 5, 2023) Yahoo

Putin Says Russia Will Station
Tactical Nukes in Belarus

By No Author (March 25, 2023) AP

South Africa Must Arrest Vladimir Putin
By Ross Clark (March 24, 2023) The Telegraph

US Sanctions Belarus' Election Officials, President's Plane
By FATIMA HUSSEIN (March 24, 2023) AP

First Guilty Plea in Assassination of Haitis President.
Drug Dealer Admits Backing Plot

By Jay Weaver (March 24, 2023) Miami Herald

North Korea Tests New Underwater
Nuclear Attack 'Drone': KCNA

By No Author (March 23, 2023) AFP

A Nuclear Physicist Describes 7 Things
You Probably Didn't Know About Radioactive
Fallout from a Nuclear Bomb

By Adam Barnes (March 23, 2023) Business Insider

US Report Lists 'Significant Human Rights'
Abuses in India

By Kanishka Singh (March 20, 2023) Reuters

US: War Crimes On All Sides in
Ethiopia's Tigray Conflict

By MATTHEW LEE (March 20, 2023) AP

Russia Signals It Will Take More
Ukrainian Children, a Crime in Progress

By Marc Santora and Emma Bubola
(March 19, 2023) The New York Times

Haiti PM Turns to Military for Help in Fighting Gangs
By EVENS SANON (March 17, 2023) AP

International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin
By Ari Blaff (March 17, 2023) National Review

Heads of Belarusian Media Outlet Sentenced
to 12 Years at Closed Trial

No Author (March 17, 2023) Reuters

China to Develop Dredger 'More Powerful Than
Artificial Island-Builder of South China Sea'

By No Author (March 12, 2023) South China Morning Post

After Losing More Than 30,000 Soldiers, the
Brutal Wagner Group is Now Recruiting in Russian Schools

By Katie Balevic (March 12, 2023) Business Insider

FBI Gun Seizure Orders From People Who Fail
Background Checks Hit Historic Rates

By Kevin Johnson (March 5. 2023) USA Today

Belarus Court Jails Nobel Laureate Bialiatski for 10 Years
By YURAS KARMANAU (March 3, 2023) AP

Mexicans Turn Out in Droves to Protest
Electoral Overhaul, See Democracy at Risk

By Dave Graham (February 26, 2023) Reuters

Prison for North Korean Parents Who Let Their
Children Watch Hollywood Films

By Julian Ryall (February 24, 2023) The Telegraph

Colombia Must Do More to Stop Child Recruitment
by Armed Groups -NGO

By No Author (February 24, 2023) Reuters

China Calls for Russia-Ukraine Cease-Fire, Peace Talks
By No Author (February 23, 2023) AP

The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects.
Good Luck Plugging Them In.

By Brad Plumer (February 23, 2023) New York Times

Calls for Change in Iran Reach Even
Shiite Heartland of Qom

By No Author (February 21, 2023) AP

Revealed: Leaked Document Shows How
Russia Plans To Take Over Belarus

By Michael Weiss and Holger Roonemaa
(February 20' 2023 yahoo

Iran 'Takes Major Step Towards Acquiring a
Nuclear Weapon'

By James Rothwell (February 19, 2023) Telegraph

What is Nato and How is it Helping Ukraine?
By No Author (February 17, 2023) BBC

Wagner Mercenary Head Bemoans Russia’s
‘Monstrous Military Bureaucracy’

By No Author (February 16, 2023) The Telegraph

Al Qaeda's New Leader Adel Has
$10 Million Bounty on His Head

By Michael Georgy (February 15, 2023) Reuters

U.S. State Department Warns To Avoid Parts of Mexico
Over Ongoing Violence, Kidnappings

By Nathan Solis (February 10, 2023) Los Angeles Times

The Politics of Blasphemy: Why Pakistan and Some
Other Muslim Countries Are Passing New Blasphemy Laws

By Ahmet T. Kuru (February 6, 2023) The Conversation

Putin May 'Disappear at Any Moment,'
Spark Russian Civil War: Ex-Commander

By Andrew Stanton (February 6 , 2023) NewsWeek

Iran's Supreme Leader Issues Pardon for
'Tens of Thousands' of Prisoners - IRNA

By Tom Perry (February 5, 2023) Reuters

Ismail Mashal: Taliban Arrests Afghan Professor
Who Backed Girls' Education

By Tiffany Wertheimer (February 3, 2023) BBC News

Trump Is Still a Putin Stooge and a Traitor to His Country
By David Rothkopf (February 2, 2023) DailyBeast

Some UN Afghan Aid Delivered by Men Only
Donors Voice Alarm

By Michelle Nichols (February 2, 2023) Reuters

What's Behind the Pakistani Taliban's Insurgency?
By MUNIR AHMED (January 30, 2023) A.P.

Iran's 'Death Committee' President Unyielding
in Defence of Clerical Rule

By Parisa Hafezi (January 17, 2023) Reuters

Jailed Navalny Vows to Keep Resisting the
Kremlin as Campaign to Free Him Launches

By Andrew Osborn (January 17, 2023) Reuters

Belarus Puts Exiled Opposition Leader on Trial
By No Author (January 17, 2023) Reuters

Former Russian Mercenary Commander Fled to Norway
and is Willing to Give Evidence of its Worst Crimes
in Ukraine, Lawyer Says

By Joshua Zitser (January 16, 2023) Business Insider

Mexico Bans Smoking in Public, One of World’s
Strictest Anti-Tobacco Laws

By THERESA BRAINE (January 16, 2023) Daily News

Iraqi PM Backs Indefinite U.S. Troop
Presence in Country: WSJ Interview

By No Author (January 15, 2023) Reuters

Mursal Nabizada: Gunmen Kill Former
Afghan MP at Home in Kabul

By No Author (January 15, 2023) BBC

'They Are on the Run':
Somalia leads fight against al-Shabab

By OMAR FARUK (January 15, 2023) AP

Mass Shootings: America’s Challenge for Gun Control
Explained in Charts

By No Author (January 24, 2023) BBC

Haiti Now Has No Elected Officials
as Political Crisis Deepens

By Christopher Rhodes (January 14, 2023) Blavity

Russia’s Wagner Group Ramping Up Operations
Outside of Ukraine, U.S. Warns

By Erin Banco (January 9, 2023) Politico

Kim Jong-un’s Midlife Crisis:
‘He’s Crying After Drinking a Lot’

By Nicola Smith (January 8, 2023) The Telegraph

As Young Gazans Die at Sea,
Anger Rises Over Leaders' Travel

(January 6, 2023) Associated Press

The Iranian Fashion Revolution
By Pardis Mahdavi (January 5, 2023) Elle

Belarus Opens Trial of Nobel Peace Prize
Laureate Bialiatski

By No Author (January 5, 2023) AP

Modi Takes Steps to Allow Yale,
Oxford to Open India Campuses

By Bibhudatta Pradhan (January 5, 2023) Bloomberg

Putin is Sending a Warship Into the Atlantic
Armed With New Hypersonic Cruise Missiles

By Jake Epstein (January 4. 2023) Business Insider

Iran Releases Oscar-Winning Film Actress
Held Over Protests

By No Author (January 4, 2023) Associated Press

Jan. 6 Panel Shutting Down After Referring
Trump for Crimes

By Mary Clare Jalonick (January 2, 2023) AP

In Her Own Words:
Pelosi Steps Back After Decades in Charge

By Paul Kane Photos by Melina Mara
(January 2, 2023) Washington Post

‘OK, Mexico, Save Me’: After China,
This Is Where Globalization May Lead

By Peter S. Goodman (January 1, 2023) New York Times

Zelensky Signs Controversial Law Expanding
Government Power to Regulate Media

By Brad Dress (January 1, 2023) The Hill

NKorea's Kim Orders 'Exponential' Expansion of
Nuke Arsenal

By HYUNG-JIN KIM (December 31, 2022) AP

Lukashenko Gives Himself Permission to Remain in
Belarusian Parliament for Life Just Like Putin

By No Author (December 31, 2022) Ukrayinska Pravda

Trump’s Tax Returns Have Been Released by
House Democrats. Read Them Here.

By Christopher Wilson (December 30, 2022) Yahoo

The Iranian Regime Has Musicians, Actors,
and Artists In Its Crosshairs

By Juliette Verlaque (December 26, 2022) Daily Beast

'Sextortion' Attacks on the Rich and Famous Are on the Rise.
Here's How Their Lawyers Discreetly Fight Back.

By Laura Italiano (December 25, 2022) Business Insider

Major NGOs Halt Work in Afghanistan After
Taliban Ban on female Workers

By Jared Gans(December 25, 2022) The Hill

Russia’s Electronic-Warfare Troops Knocked Out
90 Percent Of Ukraine’s Drones

By David Axe (December 24, 2022) Forbes

Bloody Property Disputes a Dark Side of Mexico Real Estate
By No Author (December 23, 2022) AP

Lack of Immigration is a Contributing ‘Cause of the
Labor Market Shortage’: Economist

By Tanya Kaushal (December 22, 2022) Yahoo

U.S. Officials: Russia is Increasingly Relying on
Wagner in Ukraine

By Erin Banco (December 22, 2022) Politico

Ex-Rebel Leader Known As ‘The Torturer’ Is
Arrested In Haiti President’s Assassination

By Jacqueline Charles (December 21, 2022) Miami Herald

House Jan. 6 Committee Recommends
Criminal Charges Against Trump

By Tom LoBianco (December 19, 2022) Yahoo

2022 is Deadliest Year on Record for
Mexican Journalists

By CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN (December 17, 2022) AP

Harvard Names New President,
First Black Woman To Hold Top Job

By Ross Kerber and Dan Whitcomb
(December 15, 2022) Reuters

Turkish Court Sentences Erdogan Rival to Jail
By No Author (December 14 2022) Reuters

Ukrainian Forces Are Bracing for the Possibility of
Another Russian Invasion Via Belarus:
'We Have to Be Ready'

By John Haltiwanger (December 14 2022) Insider

John Boehner Chokes Up At Nancy Pelosi's
Official Portrait Unveiling

LAUREN PELLER (December 14 2022) ABC News

At Least 400 Iranian Protestors in Tehran
Have Been Jailed, With Many Sentenced to 10 Years
and Others Publicly Hanged

By Azmi Haroun (December 13 2022) Insider

Ending a Civil War, A Cease-Fire in Ethiopia
Could Bring an End to Years of Violence.

By Lauren Jackson (December 13, 2022) New York Times

China's Wang Huning, a Backstage Ideologue and
Political Survivor

By Eduardo Baptista and Michael Martina
(December 10 2022) Reuters

Ukraine Latest: Iran Support of Russian Military
Set to Grow

By No Author (December 10 2022) Bloomberg

Russian Politician Sentenced for Ukraine Action Criticism
By Ilya Yashin (December 9 2022) AP

Sri Lanka's Children Go Hungry As Food Prices Soar
By Archana Shukla (December 7 2022) BBC

Belarus Protest Leader's Health Problems Caused By
Bad Treatment In Jail - Allies

By Tom Balmforth (December 7 2022) Reuters

Sister of Iran's Leader Condemns His Rule,
Urges Guards to Disarm - Letter

By no Author (December 7 2022) Reuters

Meta Has Threatened To Pull All News From Facebook
In the US If An 'Ill-Considered' Bill That Would Compel It To
Pay Publishers Passes

By Sawdah Bhaimiya (December 6 2022) Business Insider

North Korea Has Reportedly Executed 3
High Schoolers for Distributing K-Dramas

By YeEun Kim (December 5 2022) Hypebae

The Brutal Militia Trained to Kill for
Iran’s Islamic Regime

By Tara Kangarlou (December 5 2022) Time

'Overthrow the Regime' Chant Protesters Southern Syria
By No Author (December 4 2022) Reuters

Family Home of Iranian Climber Elnaz Rekabi Destroyed
By Delaney Miller (December 3 2022) Climbing

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Will Pocket at Least
$6.5m From the Men’s Team Reaching the World Cup
knockout Rounds—More Than They Received
for Winning Two Successive World Cups

By Chloe Taylor (December 1 2022) Fortune

Factbox-What Are Russia and Ukraine's
Positions on Talks to End the War?

By Pavel Polityuk and Mark Trevelyan
(November 30, 2022) Reuters

US Rule Would Limit Methane Leaks From
Public Lands Drilling

By MATTHEW DALY (November 28, 2022) AP

China's 'Zero-COVID' Limits Saved Lives
but No Clear Exit

(November 28 2022) Associated Press

Pakistan Taliban Ends Cease-Fire With Govt,
Vows New Attacks

By MUNIR AHMED (November 28 2022) AP

Cuba's Informal Market Finds New Space
On Growing Internet

By MEGAN JANETSKY (November 27 2022) AP

Taiwan's President Resigns as Party Leader
After Election Losses

By No Author (November 26 2022) AP

Iran's Khamenei Praises Basij Forces
For Confronting 'Rioters' -TV

By Parisa Hafezi (November 26 2022) Reuters

Pakistan Names a New Military Chief
Amid Bitter Political Feuding

By No Author (November 24 2022) Associated Press

Accountant Testifies Trump Claimed Decade of Huge Tax Losses
By MICHAEL R. SISAK (November 22 2022) Associated Press

Russian Chess Legend Says War in Ukraine
is a 'Battle Between Freedom and Tyranny'

By Alexander Nazaryan (November 19 2022) Yahoo

Iran Will Help Russia Build Drones for Ukraine War,
Western Officials Say

By Joby Warrick, Souad Mekhennet, and More
(November 19 2022) Washington Post

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